Carole Asfour Lin


Carole Asfour-Lin grew up between Beirut and Paris. She initially went into art studies at MICA, Baltimore and transitioned into architecture, earning her bachelor's at Cornell University and a master's from Harvard's GSD.

In 1994, she moved to Germany where she worked for J.P. Kleihues & Bolles & Wilson Architects.
11 years later, she opened her own practice and primarily focused on building and renovating residential homes, many of which were under historic preservation.

Carole's work philosophy is defined by her belief in the important role architectural design has in the quality of dwelling. She believes in creating generous and flexible spaces with thoughtful organization, and special attention to internal and external views.

Her work gives supreme importance to the sculptural articulation of walls, volumetric dividers and connectors, furniture, and spatial unraveling. Even subtle details like the choice of material palettes make a profound impact on spaces evoking a feeling of well-being.

To that effect, she relies on a clear and consistent strategy from concept down to the finest detail.

With a keen attention to the existing poetics of place, she seeks to respect and highlight them while infusing them with the needs of the 21st century way of life.

And in a quest to always ensure her architecture is respectful of the space it occupies, Carole recently obtained a certificate in sustainable architecture and enjoys working with her clients to develop houses and buildings that abide by ambitious sustainability principles.

Carole's international exposure at personal and professional levels allows her to bring a rich world perspective with her. A world that was further enriched by meeting her now husband Michael Lin, an architect practicing in both Germany and Taiwan with whom she shares her passion for music, art, culture, traveling and architecture. Their worlds come together when they collaborate on different projects such as House Flora in Taiwan.


T.  +49 251 13 56 536

Mausbachstrasse 49
48149 Münster, Germany